Inspiring Kids to Believe in Themselves

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We want to make a difference  
Self belief is one of the most important traits a person can possess and plays a large part in determining someone’s future. This is especially true of kids. Our goal is to inspire kids in need to see their own greatness so they can live the inspired, fulfilled lives they deserve.

Starting the Cycle
Start the Cycle is a call to action, a "glass is half full" take on the common phrase "stop the cycle." It's an approach to life focused on self belief, effective goal setting, and creative problem solving to achieve the things we want. It's based on the idea that we can determine our future by creating it, and that we can create anything if we truly believe in ourselves.

Helping our Community
We want to inspire and motivate people to make a positive change in their lives. We are focused on Inspiring Kids to Believe in Themselves because of the far-reaching effect it can have on their lives as a whole. We do this through free motivational talks given at community centers and schools.


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