How Much Vegan Beef Jerky Does it Take to Bicycle Across the Country? / by Marc Purslow

A question for the ages to be sure. Well lucky for you, an engi-nerd friend of mine has figured it out. Some of the assumptions are a bit suspect, but it's close enough:

Since we know that you are hardcore, we can assume that you will probably do the maximum possible everyday, which should put you close to a daily ride of about 150 miles. This would put you in San Fran in a time period of just 24 days (according to the Google).  Assuming an average speed of about 20MPH, this equates to burning about 6500 calories per day. Given the fact that you are also vegan, you will undoubtedly want to take some vegan Jerky with you to make sure that you consume at least as many calories as you consume.

Since a 1-oz package contains just 74 calories, this means that you will want to make sure that you eat at least 100 packages of this stuff per day. 100 packages will weigh 100 ounces, or 6.25 lbs. So to go from Bar Harbor, Maine to San Francisco you will need to pack 100 packages of vegan jerky (there are multiple flavors, so you don’t need to worry about getting tired of eating just one food all of the time) per day, or 2400 packages for the whole trip. So by my calculation, you will need to start the trip with 150lbs of vegan jerky. No big deal.

Well there you have it. Please visit the donate page to help support the ASAS Cycle America Challenge, benefitting at-risk youth in Ohio. I promise I won't spend the money on vegan beef jerkey.

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