Days 1 -3: My Date with Hurricane Arthur and the Many Hills of Maine / by Marc Purslow

To all of you looking for a blog update-sorry for the delay! The first three days have been challenging to say the least. The beginning of day 1 was pretty epic, gale-force winds and torrential rain in Bar Harbor made for an interesting first few miles as the bike shimmied uncontrollably downhill and my brakes barely worked with all the added weight. I decided to find shelter to sort things out and walked 5 miles before coming across a suitable overhang. After some trial and error I discovered that my rear bags were loaded with too much weight towards the top. After repacking the bike handed a bit better. After 60 miles the rain stopped, but the wind kept blowing strong. I pulled into Rockport at around 8:30 and checked into my hotel to get cleaned up. By the time I walked to the center of town for some food but only 1 restaurant was open for drinks only. I was able to convince the bartender to serve me some beers (for the calories of course!), and three huge bowls of olives, potato chips, and strawberries (the only food they had left). Perfect after-workout meal!

Day two was tough. Very tough. Maine is not flat. 11.5 hours in the saddle, 105 miles, and 5,600 feet of climbing on a bike with 75 pounds of cargo. I don't have many anecdotes to report - all I can remember is eating energy bars and pedaling up endless hills. I again got into town too late for hot food, so I raided the nearby Rite-Aid for snacks. After a nice pep-talk from my wife I went to sleep.

Day three was better, namely because I rode fewer miles. I was able to eat some hot food (I don't think a vegan has ever been so happy to see an Applebee's!). It's been nice to rest a bit and recombobulate. My next blog post will include pictures. For now, I must sleep - tomorrow should be another good one! Thanks for reading and following along!

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