Inspiring Health and Nutrition

Starting the Cycle
Start the Cycle is a call to action, a "glass is half full" take on the common phrase "stop the cycle." It's an approach to life focused on self-belief, effective goal setting, and creative problem solving to achieve the things we want. It's based on the idea that we can determine our future by creating it, and that we can create anything if we truly believe in ourselves.

Expanding Our Definition of “Health”
We often think of ‘health” as the absence of disease, and limit our definition to our physical state. Many view “health” as an intangible concept over which they have little control, viewing “good health” as a matter of chance. This limited and dismal view is anything but motivating, and often causes us to take a largely passive approach to our own well-being. When we define health as an ideal state of physical and mental being over which we have significant control through our own choices, we are inspired to become active participants.

Eating and Moving
Simply put, your health is largely determined by what you eat (nutrition) and how you move (exercise). Our blog provides practical suggestions on improving nutrition using an additive approach, as well as tips on incorporating exercise into a busy lifestyle. It also examines “common sense” assumptions about nutrition and discusses the costs of good/bad nutrition both monetarily and in terms of quality of life.